ZHANG Xiachang

Paper Battery and Intelligent Packaging

ZHANG Xiachang

President, Institute of Printed Electronics Industry

Chairman/CEO, Enfucell Flexible Printed Electronics Ltd.


The paper battery is a thin flexible power source for flexible printed electronics and other thin electronics. It is based on Zn-Mn battery with a special form. It has a multi-layer structure consisting of two sealing materials, a separator layer, an anode collector, a cathode collector and two active anode and cathode layers. The main feature of the paper battery is 1) thin below 1 mm; 2) flexible like paper; 3) eco design; 4) extremely cheap due to its R2R printing manufacturing process. In addition, different power sources can be produced in various sizes, thicknesses and shapes according to customers’ needs.


The paper battery enables many new electronics, especially flexible printed and thin electronics. With the increasing demand on tracking and interactive functions, many electronic devices are being added to packages in order to provide the required intelligence, such as kinetic digit information, smart attractive elements and so on. I will give a few examples of applications in my presentation to demonstrate the powerful role that the paper battery can play in the field of intelligent packaging.


In the last, the presentation also gives an introduction of our two platforms of “Intelligent Packaging Alliance of Flexible Printed Electronics” and “Institute of Printed Electronics Industry”.


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