Plenary and Keynote Speakers  

(in alphabetical order of surname)

Dr. Ross Bringans

VP, Palo Alto Research Center, USA


Dr. Ilaria Grizzi

VP, Cambridge Display Technology, UK




Dr. C.T. Liu 

VP, Industrial Technology Research Institute , Taiwan




Dr. Arto Maaninen

VP, Technology Research Centre of Finland


Dr. Michael McCreary



Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Dr. Xiachang Zhang

President, Institute of Printed Electronics Industry, China



(in alphabetical order of surname)

Prof. Chihaya AdachiCenter for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA), Kyushu University, Japan

Organic light emitting devices -fundamentals and cutting edge high performance devices-


Prof. Rick CarleyCarnegie Mellon University, USA, IEEE CRFID Distinguished Lecturer

Single-chip RFID system

Prof. M. Jamal DeenMcMaster University, Canada, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

Compact Modeling of Organic/Polymeric Thin Film Transistors – Past, Present and Future


Prof. Manos TentzerisGeorgia Institute of Technology, USA, IEEE CRFID Distinguished Lecturer

Inkjet-/3D-Printed Nanotechnology-enabled Wireless Communication, Sensing and RFID Modules for Internet of Things, “Smart Skin” and “Zero-Power” Applications

Prof. Tse Nga NgDept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC San Diego, USA

Flexible Organic Sensors: Short-wave infrared and Biometric Sensors


Prof. Shizuo TokitoResearch Center for Organic Electronics (ROEL), Yamagata University, Japan

Flexible Printed Organic TFT Devices and Integrated Circuit Applications


Dr. George XiaoNational Research Council of Canada, IEEE CRFID Distinguished Lecturer

Printed Electronics and RFID


Invited Speakers 

(in alphabetical order of surname, more to be updated…)

Prof. Steve Beeby, University of Southampton, UK

Functional Electronic Textiles: Circuit Integration and Energy Harvesting Power Supplies


Prof. Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor, Canada

New Materials and Designs for Future Wearable Electronics


Prof. Gyoujin Cho, Sunchon National University, Korea

R2R gravure as an additive manufacturing technology for the fabrication of large area flexible displays and inexpensive NFC sensor tags


Prof. Kilwon Cho, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea


Prof. Anath Dodabalapur, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Printed Amorphous Oxide, and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Transistors and Circuits


Prof. XiaoJun Guo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Steep Subthreshold Solution Processed OFETs for Ultra-low Power Flexible Hybrid Integration

Prof. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Bulk Si (100) based Flexible and Stretchable Electronics for Personalized Advanced Healthcare Applications


Prof. Bernard J Kippelen, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Flexible Organic Solar Cells and Photodetectors

Dr. Terho Kolouma, Technology Research Centre of Finland

Printed and thin film magnets; methods, properties and applications


Prof. Ioannis (John) Kymissis, Columbia University, USA



Dr. Zhao Li, National Research Council Canada, Canada

High-purity semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes: A key enabling material in emerging electronics


Prof. Ling Li, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Thin Film Transistor Model and Circuit Applications


Prof. Keryn Lian, University of Toronto, Canada

Sustainable Materials for Thin and Flexible Solid Supercapacitors

Dr. XiangYang Liu, National Research Council Canada, Canada

Versatile Molecular Ink Platforms for Flexible, Wearable and Structural Electronics Applications


Dr. Kris Myny, IMEC, Belgium



Prof. Arokia Nathan, University of Cambridge, UK

Transparent and Flexible Oxide Nano-Electronics


Prof. Yong-Young Noh, Dongguk University, Korea

Development of printed organic thin film transistors and circuits

Prof. Beng Ong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Progress in Materials and Processes for Printed Electronics


Prof. Kuniharu Takei, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Printed multifunctional flexible healthcare patch

Prof. Benjamin Tee, National University Singapore, Singapore

Sensitive Electronic Skins

Dr. Jie Zhang, Institute of Printed Electronics Industry, China

Printed and Flexible Electronics for wearable



Technical General Sessions 

  1. RFID and NFC devices                            

  2. Flexible antennas and microwave devices

  3. Flexible photovoltaics                          

  4. Flexible sensors, actuators and transducers

  5. Flexible thin film transistors                

  6. Flexible energy harvesters and storages

  7. Flexible Lighting and displays           

  8. Novel materials and processes

  9. Wearable devices and smart textiles

  10. Circuits design and simulation            

  11. Other applications

Special Session: 

Proposals for new special sessions and tutorials are welcome. Each special session should contain minimum six papers. Proposals, including full contact information and the list of potential contributing authors, should be submitted by email to the Technical Program Chair, Dr. Ta-Ya Chu (, before March 15th, 2018.

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