Flexible Electrophoretic ePaper Displays: The Invention of a New Technology and the Creative Product Categories it has Enabled

Abstract:  Electronic paper (ePaper), started as a dream in the early days of personal computers.   After many failed technology approaches, electrophoretic displays (EPD) emerged as the successful realization of ePaper.  But it was not an easy journey, with over 35 years between the early research demonstrations and a clear commercial success.  Today, EPD enables many millions of electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle, as well as new product categories such as electronic shelf labels, flexible wearables, and autonomous wireless architectural tiles.   The almost 50 year journey from the first demonstration of an electrophoretic display in Japan in 1970 to the billion-dollar-plus product industry today relying on EPD will be described.

Bio:  Dr. Michael McCreary is responsible for expanding the portfolio of advanced technologies at E Ink which are enabling new generations of novel electronic paper and electronic paint display products.  McCreary is a 44-year veteran of the imaging industry and also serves as the Chairman of the Executive Council of SEMI FlexTech, an industry consortium.  Prior to joining E Ink in 2000, he held a number of leadership positions with Eastman Kodak Company, including General Manager of the Microelectronics Technology Division, which develops high performance solid-state image sensors.  McCreary earned a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed further studies in solid state and device physics at the Rochester Institute of Technology and business at the Wharton School.

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